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Connecting your business to the right customers


Grow your business, grow your social reach

With 2.3 million kiwis using the social network every day, Facebook advertising presents a perfect complement to your digital strategy.

A sponsored post on the News Feed doesn’t do much for your business unless the right users are interacting with it.

Targeting Facebook users requires a different set of understanding, knowledge and skills to make conversions and sales.


We don’t just set it and forget.

We research, test and optimise to increase conversions for you.

Our Packaged Solution

  • Ad text creation

  • Keyword discovery and selection

  • Audience targeting

  • Advice on optimizing landing pages

  • Conversion tracking

  • Call tracking

  • Ad Submission

  • Campaign monitoring

  • Campaign cost management

  • Campaign optimisation modification

  • Competitive research

  • Facebook specific creatives (as an additional service)

  • Landing page development and improvements (as an additional service)

  • Official monthly report on your campaign’s success