How to craft a perfect single paged website

It may not seem like much but a single paged website can turn prospective customers into paying ones. You don’t need a lot of pages and big splashy tabs to communicate what your business is all about – you just need the right amount of information to maximise effectiveness.

Your content is the soul of your website, especially for signle paged sites. The tone and voicing of your content should be welcoming and relate to your audience’s needs. Keeping your copy short, sharp and succinct means you are communicating your most vital points and answering your customer’s needs as quickly as possible.

Having an opening statement also helps hook your audience’s interest. An opening state often aligns with what your customer is looking for. For example, ‘Do you looking for a plumber?’ or ‘Do you have a leaky roof?’ Both examples addresses a problem that your potential customer may want a solution for.

You can also show your work on your single paged website but don’t overload it. A growing majority of users use the interet via mobile devices. This means that they can be out and about and using mobile data. You don’t want to overload your website with large images that can potentially slow down the speed.

Always make contacting you easy. Weather it be a contact form or phone number, make it easy for customers to get in touch with you. A contact form is usually at the bottom of the page and customers looking to give a ring or send you a message will automatically scroll to the bottom. Keep it simple and make sure its accessible.

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