How to increase your local organic reach with SEO

The most common advice when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is your content and code quality. While they are important for good ranking, it is not the only thing that you can do to come up first in search results. Here are a few other things that you can do to help increase your business’ visibility.


Keywords and keyphrases help Google determine how relevant your webpage to a user. However, too much of the same keywords is actually bad for your website’s SEO as it is viewed as spam. Good copywriting is essential for good SEO and it is more than just littering your website with phrases you think your customers might use. If the actual content on your website is not helpful to the user, they will click back right away and move onto the next link in the search results.

Every time a user does this, Google logs it and takes note. If there are enough people doing this, your website is marked as irrelevant and will drop into obscurity over time.

Get your business on Google Local

Google uses a whole host of metrics to determine how relevant your website is to a user. Google Local is a free directory service that allows businesses to list and mark their physical location on Google. This feeds into their other services such as Google Maps and searches when a customer is looking for a specific business type or service.

For example, if you search ‘Auckland digital marketing’, you will get mix of local Auckland based design and digital marketing companies, along with paid ads and possibly a map with a list of businesses that Google view as specialists in the area. This is because Google recognise Auckland as a location and that digital marketing is the service you are looking for.

Claim your space on your local listing

Google Local is only one directory. There are other New Zealand based directories such as Localist and Yellow Pages where you can add your website for free. These directories are already viewed positively by Google and linking your business to them can help boost your SEO by creating trustworthy inbound links.

It also increases your audience exposure by tapping into users who are specifically looking for services that your business may offer. SEO isn’t limited to just what you can do on your website, it includes external factors as well.

Optimise your social profiles

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn are all free social sites that can be used to your benefit. Public posts are available to Google for crawling on social sites helps Google determine if your business is actually in business. The more active your social profiles are, the higher the chances of your website being viewed as relevant to a user when he or she goes looking for a florist, a photographer, a hairdresser, a local childcare center etc.

You don’t need to be active on every possible social media available, just one may be enough for your business. Social interactions from these sites also helps Google determine what kind of user personas find your business most helpful.

Final words

SEO is more than just putting content together and hoping for the best. It is a collection of factors that needs to be considered, optimised and fine tuned. SEO is a process that takes time to implement but also has a snowballing effect when implemented correctly. There are a host of other factors and things that can be done to get your business website to the front page. The above points makes a good starting point if you want invest in your business and increase your local organic reach.

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