Why you should hire a professional to manage your Adwords for you

Adwords – whatever stage you’re at, hiring a digital marketing agency or manager to manage and maintain your adwords can boost your overall conversion and help you achieve your goals in ways you may not think as possible with your current spending and campaign settings. There are 3 possible scenarios that you may have experienced or is experiencing with Adwords and reasons why you should hire a professional to manage your Adwords for you.

You’ve heard about it but not quite sure what to do

The adwords console can be quite daunting for beginners. There are so many options to chose from, so many empty graphs, metrics, functions, strange concepts and names. What’s a campaign? What’s an ad group? Bidding price? Cost conversions? What does it all mean?

A good Adwords manager can guide you through the process and help you understand what exactly you’re spending your money on.

You could spend some time learning about Adwords but most articles online are for beginners – most don’t really get into how to best optimise your account and keywords. How will you go about researching your keywords? What about finding the right bid price for your business? You could be throwing your money away on clicks rather than conversions.

A managed adwords service solves this issue for you and can help fine tune your account to the needs of your business.

You’ve used it and the results haven’t been that great

Chances are that your account isn’t set up properly. Perhaps you tried to do it yourself and that’s why you haven’t got the results you thought you would get.

Adwords management is an industry for reason. Some people make it their career – simply because there is a lot more under the surface than a lot of people realise. Adwords is a science and a fine art of balancing the business goals, marketing budget and capturing customers in the right phase of their buying cycle. Adwords account managers are experts at this and can help you spend your money where it will give you the most in return.

You’ve used it/using it, it is giving you results and you think you’re doing just fine

But are you really certain about that? You may think you’re doing just fine with your current setup but when was the last time you checked the relevancy of your campaigns against the needs of your business?

Have you A/B tested your campaigns? Is your search terms really optimised for conversion? Is what you are spending really aligned and competitive with what your competitors are doing?

An adwords manager can find all these things out for you. The analysis involved in improving and optimising for the right target customer group can decrease your overall ad spend per conversion.

Final words…

We have Adwords Management as a service because there is a need for it. Adwords is a very powerful paid tool that can bring customers to your business doorstep instantly. However, it needs to be done correctly or else you’re just throwing your money at clicks rather than leads and conversions.

A business can only grow with paying customers. Clicks doesn’t mean much if you haven’t caught the right customers at the right time. At EvoHelix, our adwords managers aim is convert your adwords spending into more money for your business. Whatever your budget, we can work with you, track the efficiency of your campaigns and optimise them to provide the results you need.

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