Why your business needs AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the best marketing platforms for any business. It gives you access to a large pool of potential customers and puts even the smallest businesses on a level playing field with those who may have 4-5 figure monthly advertising budgets.

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs Google AdWords

1. Google AdWords helps you find the right customers at the right time

When people are searching on Google, they’re look for answers. You can catch someone in the process of looking for a service or product by specifically targeting customers that are already looking to spend. This increases the chances of your targeted customer spending their money on you.

2. Local Reach

Perhaps you want to target a specific area because you’re a florist, mechanic, dentist or food joint. You don’t need people from outside a certain area or distance. Google Adwords allows you to show your business based on geography and if you want to be more specific – demographic. Local reach targeting is especially effective for businesses with physical stores and services. It allows your business to connect and present to customers that are within the right distance.

3. Follow your customers

Not everyone that ends up looking at your business will make a purchase right away. Sometimes they take a bit of time, perhaps still thinking about your product or service. Sometimes they forget and needs that extra second nudge to get back to your online store or business. Google Adwords gives your business the power remind your customers of your product or service through retargeting.

4. Lets you choose and optimise where your ad is seen

Google has many places and spaces where your ad is displayed. There is the text paid ads at the top of every Google search results. Then there are also display ads on partnered websites. Google display ad network allows you to target customers based on their previous search histories, location, age and even gender. Adwords gives you full control of what kind of customers you need for your business.

5. Measured results

When you spend money, you’d want to see results. Google Adwords has the ability to track which ads are most effective. You choose the metrics, set expectations and wait for customer interactions to happen. Google Adwords has multiple tools that empowers your business with information. This means you can see how well your ad is performing and then adjust for better conversion for future campaigns.

Google AdWords is a powerful marketing platform for businesses, especially when used properly. If you are new to the whole idea of AdWords or just want a little bit of assistance, EvoHelix can help you out! Book in a free consultation to see if Google AdWords will work for you.

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